Roofing Services and Solutions in Northern Kentucky & Greater Cincinnati

Superior roofing services from Chris Hollon Construction provides a customized solution for a competitive price. We use only the highest quality materials to help extend the life of your roof, gutters and insulation:

  • Gutter Solutions: we recommend 2 of the best gutter drainage protection systems on the market. One is Leaf Relief by Ply Gem, which is considered to be the most effective gutter protection available. The other is RapidFlow Gutter Drainage Protection, another quality system that keeps leaves and debris from clogging your gutters
  • Ice Damming and Insulation: 2 systems are critical in helping prevent damaging ice damming (when snow melts on the roof, then refreezes near the gutters ultimately damaging your roof and shingles); proper attic insulation and ventilation. A properly vented roof will allow the attic temperature to stay cold enough to reduce edge melting and refreeze. A properly insulated attic, using blown-in quality insulation, will keep heat inside your home further reducing the chance that snow will melt and refreeze around the edges of your roof
  • Shingles: there are numerous shingle choices, all offering exceptional quality and strong warranties. Quality shingles require little to no maintenance and look beautiful throughout the year

Whether you need a new roof or gutter repair, all of our work is focused on your satisfaction – if you’re not happy, we’re not happy.

Contact Chris Hollon Construction to request a roofing services inspection. Call 859-307-4895 today. WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

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