Chris Hollon recommends two of the best gutter drainage protection systems on the market.  Which solution is right for you depends on your gutters, your roof, and your home.

The two systems we recommend are:

Leaf Relief by Ply Gem is the most effective gutter protection on the market. Leaf Relief’s design allows water to flow freely while debris is lifted away from gutters with a gentle breeze.

  • Virtually Eliminates Maintenance – Solid aluminum construction. No rusting. No distortion. No painting.
  • Completely Weather & Pest Resistant – Mounts securely and stays firmly in place to resist high winds, heavy amounts of snow and ice, ladder damage and pest invasion.
  • Fits Standard Gutters – Available in 5″ and 6″ sizes to fit new and existing gutters.
  • Also Available in Copper – 5″ and 6″ retro-fit copper for most existing gutter systems.
  • Simple Installation – Mounts directly to gutter. No lifting shingles …which may cause other repair headaches or void your roof warranty!
  • Keeps Water Flowing – Patented Aluma-PerfTM technology keeps leaves, needles, seeds and twigs out…and off…in normal wind conditions.

Click here for more info from the Leaf-Relief website…

Stop spending time cleaning gutters.

Owens Corning RapidFlow Gutter Drainage Protection keeps leaves and other debris from clogging your gutters, while allowing water to flow freely.  While RapidFlow Gutter Drainage Protection will not stop debris from collecting, it will eliminate blockage that could affect water flow and maintenance involved in relieving gutter clogs.

  • Clog-free – unique profile and open-celled design promote water flow with no stagnation; product is backed by a five-year “clog-free” warranty.*
  • Stays in place – fits snugly inside the gutter even during extreme weather conditions and withstands winds up to 110 MPH.
  • Protects the roof – allows for improved water runoff as part of a healthy roofing system. Clogged gutters can contribute to ice damming, which can damage shingles and the roof deck.
  • Reduces maintenance. Increases safety. Once installed, it’s virtually maintenance-free, and cleaning trips up and down the ladder are few and far between.

Here’s one nasty chore eliminated.Woman cleaning leaves from gutters.

With RapidFlow Gutter Drainage Protection from Owens Corning, you’ll spend less time cleaning your gutters. The open-celled poly foam insert prevents leaves and other debris from collecting in your gutters, allowing water to flow freely, resulting in your gutters staying clog-free.

RapidFlow Gutter Drainage Protection nests below the gutter bracket. It’s virtually invisible from the curb, so it won’t detract from your home’s curb appeal. And once installed, it’s sure to stay put, for added peace of mind.

How it works:

RapidFlow Gutter Diagram

*See actual warranty from Owens Corning for complete details